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Parisian Eye



WOOD - Ebony, Rosewood, Tintul (Tamarind wood), Laurel, Snakewood, Palm(Tigerwood) and Whitewood. All our wood is legally sourced and documented.

  • https://www.taktbatons.com/img/timthumb.php?src=baton/f-710-1495106131-3.jpg&h=180

    Fiberglass Baton with STD whitewood handle, Ebony Dot

    Item code F-710

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  • https://www.taktbatons.com/img/timthumb.php?src=baton/f-720-1495106182-3.jpg&h=180

    Fiberglass Baton with Pear shaped whitewood handle, Ebony Dot inlay

    Item code F-720

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  • https://www.taktbatons.com/img/timthumb.php?src=baton/f-730-1495106233-3.jpg&h=180

    Fiberglass baton with LTD shaped Whitewood handle, Ebony Dot inlay

    Item code F-730

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  • https://www.taktbatons.com/img/timthumb.php?src=baton/f-740-1495109935-3.jpg&h=180

    Fiberglass baton with Pencil shaped Whitewood handle, Ebony Dot inlay

    Item code F-740

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